It's a class... but it's also a revolution

What would it mean to you to never "diet" again? Imagine a world where "dieting" is extinct. Where when you say the word "dieting" kids give you that scrunched up face they make when they come across a picture of a payphone.

It starts with you.

Your choices make an impact and have influence over others.

This class will empower YOU to empower others. You can build a positive relationship with food AND enjoy what you eat. 

The Just Eating framework teaches you to build skills through simple actions. These  skills will earn you freedom with food so you can Just Eat and be happy.

Let's dig in!

What's Included:

  • Four Main Course Sessions (LIVE & Replay)
  • Weekly group discussions 
  • Exclusive recipes & resources
  • Join the private Just Eating facebook fam for support before and after class
  • Access to the morning accountability video chat
  • A custom nutrition strategy (if desired)